I'm Japh Thomson

Developer and Cloud Architect

Director of Hosting Operations at Human Made, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, cloud, developer, DevOps. Collector of interests. Japh rhymes with safe. ☁️


PHP Development

Node.js Development

Amazon Web Services


Product Management

High Availability Architecture


I have worked with Japh on and off over the years in a number of capacities, initially at Aurora Energy, but then as various projects required his expertise. Japheth is one of those developers that has a knack for getting things right the first time, and understanding exactly what a client is trying to achieve with a minimum of unnecessary discussion. A wealth of knowledge on development and, in particular, Wordpress, Japheth would be a vital asset to any team. Jared Mendham

Director of Sales & Marketing

I have had the pleasure of working with Japheth and getting to understand his depth of knowledge and skill with each task we do together. Japheth has always been able to answer all the difficult questions and is so patient and considerate. He has always been very thorough in fulfilling the client's needs and goes way beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend Japheth to anyone looking for higher end and more complex programming. Nolene Wood

Director, Internet Design Advisor, Key Essentials

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Japh both within a team environment and externally as a freelancer. Japh is hands down the most experienced and knowledgeable WordPress developer I’ve had the privilege of working with. Furthermore, while being an expert of the highest degree in WordPress, Japh’s skill-set is incredibly broad and I have witnessed him working across various back-end and front-end tech stacks with ease. Japh role as a mentor early in career was absolutely instrumental in allowing me to rapidly improve my skills and further my career. He is highly approachable and provided guidance and advice not just on technical matters, but on approaches to analysing and solving problems, increasing productivity and communicating with management and clients. Most importantly, Japh is an incredibly fun person to work with and enlivens and enriches the working environment in a multitude of ways and in my opinion, this above all else makes him an incredibly valuable addition to any team. John Cobb

Front End / JavaScript Engineer

Japh has combined his knowledge, passion, skill and expressiveness in every working adventure that we've shared so far. He is a clear and compelling voice for his colleagues, communities of interest, and the broad industry. Japh was a founding member of the Envato Studio WordPress team and generously shared his time and effort to deliver excellent work for his customers and to help shape the vision for our product and community. Thanks Japh, I know that our paths will continue to cross. Ben Fornarino

Product Manager, Envato

Japh does an outstanding job of managing many different stakeholders and the varying agendas related to the WordPress web design community. He has excellent diplomacy skills and is possibly one of the politest people I have ever met. His technical knowledge is second to none and his people skills are excellent - this combination makes him a rare gem. I'm looking forward to continuing my business relationship with Japh in the years to come. Troy Dean

Co-Founder, WP Elevation

Japh has the dream mix of technical knowledge, communication skills and willingness to share his knowledge. If I ever have a question about WordPress, I ask Japh. He either knows the answer or knows the person who does. It has been a pleasure working with him. Josh Janssen

Filmmaker, Full Stack Films

Japh is well-respected the world over for his knowledge of and passion for Wordpress. Japh has the remarkable quality of being highly technically proficient while being able to communicate complex ideas very clearly to a mixed audience. Japh is dedicated, passionate, responsive and also one of the nicest people I have ever met. Louise Braithwaite

Senior Manager, Research Contracts at RMIT University

Professional history

Jul 2014 - Present

Director of Hosting Operations

Human Made

Apr - Jul 2014

WordPress Research & Development Engineer


Aug 2011 - Apr 2014

WordPress Evangelist


Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

Wptuts+ Site Editor



Senior Developer / Team Leader

Ionata Web Solutions

My Interests

I like to collect interests and hobbies. Some of them stick, and some of them are transient, but I give them all a solid go and love to chat about them.

  • Coffee
  • Scotch Whisky
  • Watching Movies
  • Bonsai
  • Fermentation
  • Philosophy
  • Reading Books
  • Travel