The First Day of My Soylent Experiment

I prepared my first batch of Soylent last night! I had originally planned to only replace breakfast and lunch, but decided there were too many variables in a mixed experiment, so I’ll be eating 100% soylent for these 7 days. After that, if I’m happy with it, I’ll order more and then switch to breakfast and lunch only.

Oil waiting to be mixed into Schmoylent Clean

So, to get everything prepared, I followed the included directions, which were basically: add 1.6L of water, one bag of Schmoylent Clean mixture, and 3.5 tablespoons of oil into a blender, then pour into a jug and stick it in the fridge.

The instructions didn’t really specify what kind of oil to use. I had been planning on using coconut oil, when I realised there could be a problem with refrigeration causing a solid layer of coconut oil on the top. So for this batch, I used macadamia oil.

The end result was a full 2L jug of gloop.

This morning I discovered that the macadamia oil had separated out, so I shook it up well before pouring into a pint glass.

Schmoylent Clean and Separated Macadamia Oil

Using a pint glass (~568ml) meant I would have about 4 portions. So I spaced them throughout the day. I would start feeling a little hungry toward the end of the time I allocated for each.

By the end of the day, I started to get a bit of a headache, and realised I hadn’t drunk anything else and maybe there wasn’t enough water in the soylent mixture. So I had a glass of water, and started to feel better fairly quickly. Won’t make that mistake tomorrow!

The soylent itself was quite gritty. Actually made me cough a little after swallowing. For tomorrow’s batch, I’ve switched to coconut oil and really given it a thorough blend. I’m hoping the combination will make it smoother, while also making the coconut oil less likely to solidify.

I survived day one! We’ll see how tomorrow goes. I’ll probably only post again at the end of the 7 days, or if something particularly interesting happens during the week. I might also post again once I return to normal food if anything interesting happens there too.

Would love to hear your thoughts or comments on this experiment in the comments below!

Giving Soylent a try

If you’ve not come across it, Soylent is the name of a fairly recently created potential food replacement. (I say “potential”, because it’s still very experimental.)

The premise is that you’re trying to get your body’s daily nutritional requirements through a simple delivery mechanism. You also want to take the effort out of meeting those nutritional needs on a daily basis.

I enjoy eating food as much as the next person, especially trying new and weird things ( if you’re ever in Iceland, give the hákarl a try, it’s not so bad ;) ). But what I don’t like is the daily annoyance of deciding on, and preparing, breakfast and lunch while keeping relatively good nutrition.

This “movement” that Soylent has kicked off with vigour has also gotten a lot of people creating their own variations too. I decided to try one of those, because the waiting period for the official stuff was too long. I’ve picked one called Schmoylent Clean (it’s vegan, soy free, and gluten free too).

Looks like my soylent adventure will be starting very soon! #futurefood #soylentgreenispeople

It’s finally arrived, and I plan to kick off this personal experiment next week. I have enough for 3 meals a day for 7 days, to begin with. However, because I still enjoy food and this is about practicality, dinner time and weekends will be normal food with the rest of the family. So I’ll only be replacing breakfast and lunch on week days, which should last me about 2 weeks of work days (~21 meals).

Soylent isn’t a complete food replacement for me, it’s about making life simpler and healthier, while also keeping “food as fun” to social meals.

Hopefully there’ll be another post on Monday to let you know how the first day was! I’m expecting a couple of hiccups on the first couple of days while I get it right (judging by my reading of others’ experiences).

Have you tried Soylent, or something similar? Even if you haven’t, I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions, so please leave a comment.

Ways Men in Tech Are Unintentionally Sexist

If you’re a person in tech, please have a read of this: Ways Men in Tech Are Unintentionally Sexist

Before you do, there’s something I’d like you to keep in the back of your mind:

If you find yourself thinking “that point is a little over-sensitive”, remember the context. If gender equality were not an issue, you might be right. But it is, and so we have to be a little more sensitive than we might otherwise be in a perfect world. It’s part of being generally more aware of the issue, so we can make things right.

As an example, in this post Kat says at one point:

Rule of thumb: Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to a man! It’s disrespectful to focus on someone’s appearance instead of their accomplishments.

If your immediate response is, “but I would say that to a man so there’s no problem,” you’re missing the context. (Also, perhaps you shouldn’t say it to a man either?!)

Thanks for reading!

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Joining Human Made

I’m really excited to announce that, as Noel has posted about already, today is my first day in my new job at Human Made!

I’m looking forward to being a part of the Human Made team and working on the products they create, such as Happytables and WP Remote, as well as their client services offerings.

This is a fantastic fit for me. I’ve known the guys at Human Made for a number of years, and the opportunity to work alongside them is a very welcome one.

Changing roles at Stream

I will continue to have a role on the Stream team in an advisory capacity. Frankie, Luke, and the rest of the team working on Stream are incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing where Stream goes from here.

You should absolutely go and sign up for the Stream Insider newsletter to stay in the loop!

Upcoming travel

I’m fortunate enough to be joining the Human Made team at WordCamp Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria this year. I hope to see some of you there!

I’ve never been to Bulgaria, and I don’t speak any Bulgarian. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a country where English isn’t the official language, so I’m very much looking forward to that adventure.

I’ll also be at WordCamp San Francisco, so if I don’t see you in Bulgaria, perhaps I’ll see you there! Looking forward to another visit to Blue Bottle.

More info

Got questions about any of the above? Feel free to leave a comment below, send me a tweet, or email me. I’d love to hear from you!